The home for ‘ Krishna’s Cows’  is in Northern California, although we have worldwide supporters
and well wishers who also wish to follow the path of Dharma worldwide.

In 1987 we got our first cow, and we named her “Usha”. She was about 6 months old and rode
home with us in the back seat of a Volkswagen van. She is still alive today, living her life out in lush
pastures with some friends. Other cows followed - we rescued “Vrinda”  a black and white Holstein
from a veal farm, and other cows from slaughter, raised others and sadly said good bye to some of
them over the years. We currently take care of 7 cows.

In this time and place it is expensive to provide care, and feed ,and man power to work the cows is
in short supply. In the future we hope to have a year round pasture available with additional facility
for all age brackets of cows. We have one bullock “Little Brahma “ who is currently in training. The
actual care and milking is done primarily by Lakshmi Kary Rana and Prem Rana.
There have been several assistants over the years,currently artist Bhaktin Toni is helping us.

We wish like to thank all the generous and good hearted people who have supported and donated
laxmi or their time and prayers that kept us going over the years. I especially am indebted to
Banabhatta Das , who last year came into our orbit and energized us with his preaching spirit,
hard work and determination to make sure the Deities at New Dwarka get milk from protected cows.
Thank-you and dandavats to all the devotees world wide who are realizing the importance of
utilizing milk products from protected cows that never have to enter a slaughterhouse after serving

Caring for cows  and living with them in a social environment is ideally done as a group effort.
Sharing chores, milking , and care make it a viable and worthwhile endeavor for those fortunate to
participate. It was a dream of Srila Prabhupada to establish farm communities and show the world
how to properly care for and utilize cows.

Our journey onto the path of dharma began when we learned about Vedic Culture and Krishna
Consciousness as taught by our guru, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, affectionately referred to by his
disciples as “Srila Prabhupada”. Srila Prabhupada was born, raised and educated in India and then
at the age of 70 years old, when others are retiring in life, he set out on a steamship and left India
for America in 1965.

Srila Prabhupada’s sole motivation was to follow the instructions of his own guru and teach the
science of self realization, or God consciousness, and deliver the Holy Names, the (Hare Krishna
Maha Mantra for liberation) worldwide to every soul who would listen whether he/she be white,
black, brown, young, old. He taught us that we are not the body, but spiritual souls in a wide variety
of bodily dress, according to where and when we were born, American, Hungarian, Indian, Mexican,
we are all the same- we are just wearing different skin.

In a few short years he traveled all over the world numerous times, translated and wrote over 80  
Books, opened Temples, established farm communities, vegetarian restaurants and introduced
generations of peoples in how to live a God Conscious lifestyle. Cow Protection is just one aspect
of following religious principles but it has far reaching implications. Eating only foods that can be
offered to God - milk products, vegetables,grains and such ,uplifts all of society.

One important aspect of the teachings of Srila Prabhupada as spoken through the Srimad
Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-Gita and other literature revolved around the vital and careful use of cows
in human society. Since time immemorial, cows have played a part in the lives of men. Eating only
grass that grows naturally, cows are able to convert simple vegetation  into life sustaining milk that
has provided a variety of sustenance foods for humans, milk, butter, yogurt, cheese.
Cows can provide more than enough milk for their own calves, and thus can be shared with people
as well. This is why mother cow is regarded so highly in most parts of the world.
Male cows , bulls, or castrated bulls called  Oxen can support society through work. They can pull
carts, pump water, till fields, generate electricity and so many other things.

Maintaining and utilizing cows in the proper way is called cow protection. Srila Prabhupada
instructed his students in utilizing  cows and bulls in a HUMANE Society. This means that cows
provide milk, while bulls work. Even the by products of cows are and can be used . By returning and
cultivating the dung from cows back into the soil , the whole bio dynamic content of the soil is
energized and enriched for growing nutritious vegetables, grains, and many food products
benefiting human society.
Cows and humans have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship since their Creation.

A ‘humane’ society does not exploit a cow and rush to slaughter it
mercilessly. A cow or bull after serving man should be given proper care and allowed to live out its
life, peacefully.
There have been many books written, and many studies done documenting the adverse effects of
feed lots, huge thousand animal dairies, and rampant cow slaughter on the environment. The
of eating a diet of meat has also been found to have negative health
Implications. The subject is quite large and additional info on the residual use of antibiotics,
pesticides and other by products of cattle slaughter is well documented on the internet for those
interested in knowing.
In a humane society after the cow dies a natural death, then it can also give its bodily products for
use as well, such as its hide.

Cows are especially dear to the devotees of Krishna because Krishna himself  lived as Gopal,
Govinda, a young cow herd boy ,and many of his childhood pastimes cherished by his devotees
revolve around his activities with his cows , family and friends.